Abraxo is the the photographic fruit of Joel Smiths loins, an agency based around creating the most beautiful photographic and cinematographic solutions for their clients. Friendly, edgy and über talented, abraxo needed an identity that reflected this. We took inspiration from Joel’s love of all things retro and 8 bit video games, gave it an offset, 3D vibe and treat it to lashings of white space.

The brand is slick, modern and has a punky new age cool that we think will pull in the industries of fashion, music and art. So far the feedback has been itchingly positive. A hugely versatile brand  that we have some big plans for once it is developed into print.

What  they said:

“What a treat it was when the good-looking face of, branding leviathan, Choir of Vision came into our world and offered us his sweet hand in business. We worked closely with the guys at CoV to achieve a new identity that reflect the ambiance of the business in a super stylish way. Be sure to check out the rest of their work, they are so hot right now.” – Joel Smith (Director of Photography)

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