Allies are an operation that are split into 3 distinct offerings, in the e-commerce arena. A traditional agency component that design, build and market e-commerce websites for their clients. A consultancy team that can offer in-house workshops to help optimise sales and conversion by working with an existing team. And crucially, a ventures arm, that sets up, invests in and merges with new and existing e-commerce businesses.

The name ‘Allies’ is a statement of intent that cements their ambition as a close, long term partner, ‘We’re in this together’ is not just a statement, it’s a business model.

They wanted an emblem that signifies this ambition. The Ant made perfect sense – something that can carry a much larger weight than its own (working with large operations), tireless effort (an ongoing, data-centred workflow) and a symbiotic relationship builder.

Deep greens contrast with bolder natural colours to evoke the signals of nature.

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