Love Cheese

Ex marketing man and cheese fanatic Julian Merritt came to us looking for direction on his new venture, a high-end cheese shop/Deli/Cafe on Gillygate in York. Originally the brief was to come up with an identity for the main business ‘Merritt’s of York’ as well as a sub-brand that tied in visually for their cheese blog ‘Love Cheese’. When we came back with our initial concepts they were so pleased with the designs for Love Cheese, that they decided to use that as the name for the whole business.

Julian wanted the business to look like a traditional, experienced cheese shop that had been given a 21st century makeover, he had a look in mind with an existing colour palette but I wanted to try something slightly different and came up with the idea of using a ‘blue cheese blue’ complimented with a cheesy metallic gold. This was instantly decided as the chosen palette, it gave them the opulence and impact that they were really looking for.

Love Cheese has been a huge hit since opening and is quickly getting known as the face of all things cheesy in York. Get yourself down to Gillygate to sample some of the quality local produce.


“We decided to use Choir of Vision when we needed some help with our branding and visual identity.  We needed someone who could bring to life the ideas that we had.   They seemed to quickly understand what we were about which was comforting because its a scary time handing over creative control.

We asked for some work on both our main brand, and also on a sub-brand for social media.  As it turned out we liked the designs on our sub-brand so much we decided to use that everywhere instead and even changed the name of our shop to match it!  They also suggested an alternative colour scheme which we went with, giving us more stand out.  So we actually ended up with a bit of a branding journey and something different to what we originally asked for – but so much better!  I come from a background in marketing and brand development, and I was impressed with the service given.” – Julian Merritt (Owner)

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