The Man Behind the Curtain

The Man Behind the Curtain is the latest gastronomic offering from Michael O’Hare. Based in the centre of Leeds, The Man Behind the Curtain is a forward-thinking and exciting addition to Leeds’ growing portfolio of eateries.

The Man Behind the Curtain was awarded a Michelin Star in this year’s Michelin guide.


“This is an occasion restaurant, a destination that you can get dressed up for in spectacularly dandyish or glamorous fashion. This is a restaurant for diners who want to go out for dinner and really mean it; to leave mobile phones and other distractions at the door; to actually enjoy the company of the people around them and fully experience the food we serve them.

This is not a restaurant for people who wish to photograph their food or tick an item off their bucket lists.

We’re bringing back the old British values of etiquette, dress and refinement, in a new, modern guise that does away with the stuffiness and formality of most other fine dining establishments. We’re giving you the very best of contemporary fine dining, and we’re dressing it in a superbly tailored new outfit.” – Michael O’Hare (Head Chef and Owner)

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