New Visuality

New Visuality is dedicated to bringing national and international exhibition opportunities to emerging artists from the UK. New Visuality is dedicated to championing creativity in outreach projects with disadvantaged groups.New Visuality is a celebration of contemporary, exciting art on every level, from its inception, to its execution and its exhibition.


“Faced as we are with an increasingly impressive resumé, including exhibition opportunities for emerging UK artists in Milan, Warsaw and Beijing, as well as England based outreach projects dedicated to bringing creative workshops to disadvantaged communities, we needed a brand to confidently straddle two seemingly disparate worlds: how to reflect the cutting edge aesthetics of contemporary artists while simultaneously endowing our outreach projects with a reassuring sense of calm? Choir of Vision very quickly and intuitively distilled our intent down to a unique ‘feel’ and reflected our ambitions better than we could have thought possible. Choir of Vision have been instrumental in injecting a visual confidence and helping our charity to harness our early objectives much quicker than we would otherwise have managed.”

Maria Rogers, manager New Visuality

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