Shambles Kitchen

Xing Smoothies on The Shambles in York were looking to segregate the success of their in-school smoothie business and the shop. After consulting with Simon, the name ‘Shambles Kitchen’ seemed totally fitting. For the aesthetic, we discovered that due to the olde world setting, a victorian-inspired visual was perfect. Teamed with red-hot, vibrant colour to reflect the fresh ingredients. The re-brand has gone down a storm, sales look great and its getting some fantastic feedback. Tasty!


”Working with Choir of Vision has been fantastic. It’s great to work with someone that exceeds your expectations time and time again. His interpretation of the brief was the perfect balance of creativity and function. Feedback has been amazing. And we’ve seen an increase in sales. There’s no better indication of the new brand’s success.  I’d happily recommend Jack to anyone.”  – Simon Long (Owner)

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