Smoko is an online retailer who sell electronic cigarettes, and re-fills. With the electronic smoker market being very new, the guys at Smoko saw an opportunity to grab the chance to be a market leader in the industry, but they needed a brand that could take them to these lofty heights.

Digital Agency The Distance  were given the task of designing and building the e-commerce website and approached us with just the name and brief, to create the best electrical cigarette identity on the market. After discussion with both the guys at Smoko and The Distance, we decided that treating the image as that of a high end fashion brand was the route that we needed to take, and make (electronic) smoking cool.

The branding comprises of two core elements, the logotype identity, a crisp de-constructed serif rendered on elegant blues. The second part is the photographic, we came up with a concept of aspirational, sexy images of people smoking indoors (or where tobacco smoking is banned) and digitally pixellating the smoke, signalling the brands electronic element. Photography was done by Abraxo.

The branding has been rolled out through web, POS and packaging. As well as a stunning, Bladerunner-inspired video by Paul Richardson.

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