Spark: York

Spark: York is an ambitious project helmed by an optimistic and enigmatic team. After meeting the guys responsible and feeling the buzz around the project in the city, its was something we knew we wanted some involvement in.

The brand we’ve created is intentionally modular and provides a canvas for the identity of the traders. Building on this brand, as the project grows, is something we’re extremely excited about.


“Choir of Vision transformed our brand into something purposeful, relevant and beautiful. Ideas were constructed with a desire to understand our organisation and genuinely further our visual impact. The high quality in the final product reflects this and we are extremely happy with the outcome. 

I can’t thank Jack enough for supporting our project. His genuine desire to improve and positively rework our brand has resulted in a truly remarkable and effective piece of design. It reflects who we are and where want to be.”  – Tom McKenzie (Director, Spark: York)

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