The Distance

The Distance are a digital agency based around e-commerce web development, digital marketing and mobile app development. The guys at this powerhouse agency live and breathe by one core ethos, that they ‘go the distance’ with their clients. Taking fledgling or struggling digital presences and building products that last and develop in order to gain an ongoing return on investment.

Directors Ryan Atkins and Anthony Main approached me looking to give their new vision a slick visual presence whilst also retaining the ethos they live by within their own brand. We crafted a minimal, monochrome aesthetic with crisp sans-serif type that we are certain will age like a fine wine. The white continuous line echoes their ‘going the distance’ statement of intent and has been used throughout the branding to really hammer this home visually, their own website navigation is built around this line.

Since we designed the logo, the white line broken up with the ‘^’ has reached an almost meme like status, with people affiliated with the agency uploading photos of things seen in everyday life that resemble this icon to The Distance Facebook page. Its quickly becoming a hugely iconic brand.


“The decision to commission Choir of Vision for our branding was an easy one, the obvious commitment to ‘getting it right’ won us over. The development of the voice of the brand and defining everything we stood for was a exhilarating experience, resulting in the final slick visual embodiment of who we are that we broadcast today. For us the new branding not only gives us a professional appearance and a flag we can proudly fly, it unified our team in a way we couldn’t have ever imagined.” – Ryan Atkins

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