Twitter Reaction Posters

We once again worked with the folks at New Visuality, to produce a poster campaign that documented the Twitter reactions to York’s City of Media Arts bid.

We used a visceral, ‘MRI-scan’ illustration to weave through bold type and into a series of digital illustrations.


“The worst thing to do was to type up the Tweets on Photoshop on one hand, have the Tweets written by young people with learning difficulties printed on letterpress on the other, and then display them all in our light installation without a unified, expert eye.

Luckily we’ve got design agency Choir of Vision on board, and so the posters of the Tweets can hang just as beautifully as the letterpress posters provided by Shipley’s Print Project.

Light artist Nick Walters is ensuring that when they’re projected through our front window onto Tower Street, all Tweets and slogans look unified and world class.

It’s been an extremely gratifying project.” – Greg McGee, New Visuality


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