Whoops! is the latest cinematic project for MilesTone Films. The team behind the production of the movie came to us with an exciting premise for a black comedy that needed a bold and cheeky identity to be applied to a series of teaser posters.


“We commissioned Choir of Vision to design some posters for our feature film Whoops! as their design work to date had caught our eye. We were delighted when they quickly came up with several wonderful poster designs that we absolutely loved.
The posters immediately achieved what we’d hoped; to get people talking about the mysterious posters without being explicitly enlightened as to the film’s content. The posters have intrigued everyone who has seen them, and no more so than us.
We have been impressed with Jack’s enthusiasm for the project and his collaborative skills and will be commissioning him to work with us further on Whoops! and other film projects.” – Miles Watts


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